Past & *Present Partners

*Alínæ Lumr

Art Lake (no longer exists)



*Bucht der Träumer (back-up awareness)

*Deutscher Filmpreis: Deutsche Filmakademie Produktion

Feel (partnership ended by AAA in 2023; see our policies)


*First Steps / Der Deutsche Nachwuchspreis: Deutsche Filmakademie Produktion

Gegen (partnership ended by AAA in 2022; see our policies)


Jubeljahre (no longer exists)

*Liebig 34 & Køpi Wagenplatz survivors

*Love Foundation

Lollapaloza Germany (partnership ended by request of their security company after AAA reported racist and sexist complaints from guests about specific security staff)

*Mädchen-Kultur-Treff Dünja

*Nation of Gondwana

*Nil Student:innin Keller Klub

*Normal Ver_rückt (von ASH)

*Queer Gala: Queer Venue Takeovers


Reflex (no longer exists; partnership ended by AAA in 2023; see our policies)

*SoLaWi Basta

SubAllies Network (partnership ended by AAA in 2024; see our policies)

*Turbulence (back-up awareness for B-Aware)

*Tutti Frutti Tanzgesellschaft

*Wagenplatz Soli-Network: Wuhlheide, Lohmühle, Rummelplatz, Laster und Hängerburg